What is Organized Stalking and Mind Control

Organized stalking is a method of unconventional and psychological warfare, persecution and torture that aims to neutralize/eliminate a target. The targets are usually uncontrolled political activists, conspiracy theorists, people who oppose immigration and/or globalism, whistle blowers, spies, people who try to report serious crimes perpetrated by large companies or state organizations, people who are randomly targeted for human experimentation and others.

Organized stalking or Gang Stalking is a program similar to -or the continuation of- the FBI COINTELPRO program, in which the FBI targeted political activists. They sabotaged, discredited and eliminated political activists in different ways and infiltrated political organizations. It is also similar -a combination of the two programs- to the CIA MK-Ultra project, since most victims, also known as Targeted Individuals (TIs), are attacked with electronic weapons and used as guinea pigs to test them.

A good book on the COINTELPRO program is “War at Home: Covert action against U.S. activists and what we can do about it”. Of course, today we have reverse discrimination, so, at that time the people targeted were leftists, gays, feminists etc., today is the opposite of it, right wing people, people who don’t like gays, political incorrect (political correctness) activists, nationalists, “conspiracy theorists”, “racists” etc. but the methods and tactics used are similar.

“’The forces of nationalism,’ announced the US Army War College in its April of 2002 article Information Operations and Asymmetric Warfare…Are We Ready?, ‘are interfering with world unification.’ These current and future threats, they explained, will be identified and dealt with using electronic warfare (EW).” – New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

The organized stalking program could also be defined as a new “Phoenix Program” on a global scale, a program in which the CIA in Vietnam selected civil objectives that were put into lists to be neutralized/eliminated. In the organized staking program is the same, civilians are put on a list for elimination/neutralization.

Notification lists were initially used by the police to keep tabs on dangerous offenders such as pedophiles and violent criminals, and to warn people in the community about their presence. In the United Kingdom this list is called the Violent Persons Registry. These lists have since been expanded in scope so that now someone can be put on one even if they are perceived as being potentially dangerous, and it is no longer just the police who can put someone on the list.

A threatening look, raised voice, or politically incorrect comment can be enough to get a person listed. There is little or no oversight provided to assure that those who go on these lists and the situation that got them put on it have been properly assessed, which leaves plenty of room for corruption and abuse of the lists. A person who is placed on one of these lists is usually never informed of the fact, and therefore has no chance of defense. When a person goes on a list, anyone in that person’s community who might come into contact with the person is notified. This can include family and friends, neighbors, co-workers, schools, local businesses, etc.
” – Gang Stalking and Mind Control: The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks – A. K. Forwood

For more information about the Phoenix Program read “The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam” by Douglas Valentine.

Organized stalking is also very similar to the “Zersetzung” technique that was used by the STASI, the secret police of East Germany during communism, in which 1 citizen out of 6 worked as an unofficial collaborator for the secret service.

Mark M. Rich describes the global organized stalking program in his New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control book as follow: “A silent war is taking place in cities all over the planet. It is covered-up by the media, mental health system, NGOs, and our elected officials. Now that the financial elite are finished using the US military and allied forces to conquer nations in their quest for global domination, they’re neutralizing individuals and groups of resisters who live among the people. They have recruited a major portion of the civilian population to persecute those who have been identified as enemies. The security forces are conducting PsyOp on civilians and torturing them with directed-energy weapons. The entire operation is in service to some very wealthy psychopaths who rule our society, as part of a global revolution intended to result in a planetary dictatorship, known as the New World Order.

Organized stalking is a clandestine civil-military operation (CMO) carried out by an international coalition formed by companies, civilians, military, secret services, police forces, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and intergovernmental organizations (IGO). The main tactics and methods used by this multinational force to neutralize/destroy civil objectives are, “psychological operations” (PsyOps) and “non-lethal weapons”.

Organized Gand Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment. It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organizer and participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.” – Anonymous

Most of the “gang stalkers” -depending on the level- do not know with what they are really dealing with, they think it is a form of organized mobbing outside the workplace and are used to persecute and torture people. They were told that the target (Targeted Individual) is a dangerous or potentially dangerous individual who must be controlled and put under surveillance for some reason. Contrary to misconception, organized stalking has nothing to do the normal stalking or mobbing, punishing and controlling criminals etc., it is just a cover up story or disinformation. In organized stalking is the government, the private entrepreneurship etc. that is stalking you, and not merely initiated by a bunch of individuals acting out on their own..

Some of the most used tactics in organized stalking are: defamatory campaigns, noise campaigns, Sensitisation Campaigns (NLP), Mirroring, Psychological Operations (PsyOps), Street Theater, GasLighting and more.

Organized Stalking Tactics

Organized Stalking Tactic – Noise campaigns

This tactic consists of constantly harassing the victim with noises, generate noise with drills and other machinery, intentionally beat doors and everything else. It clearly serves to keep the victim in a state of fatigue and confusion and to sensitize the TI to sounds for the purpose of torture (NLP Sensitization) and persecution.

Repeated noises affect the mental and astral bodies precisely as blows affect the physical body. In the physical body the result would be pain: in the astral body it means irritability: in the mental body a feeling of fatigue and inability to think clearly. It is abundantly clear that all loud, sharp or sudden sounds should, as far as possible, be avoided be any who wished to keep his astral and mental vehicles in good order.” – The Astral Body – Arthur Powell

Organized Stalking Tactic – NLP Triggers – Sensitization campaigns

This tactic consists in sensitizing – with repetition – the TIs to gestures, objects, words, sounds, symbols, numbers etc. to torture and persecute them. It is also used to let them know that they are under constant illegal surveillance by following them everywhere while showing the symbol, the word etc. the TIs were sensitized to. Gang stalkers will try to sensitize their victim to as much NLP triggers (words, objects, scenes, gestures, numbers etc.) as possible, so that they can torture to death the TI in public without normal people noticing that, because one time the NLP trigger is a number, another time is a gesture or intentional cough and so on. It works by repeatedly showing a symbol, number, making gestures, saying keywords in front of the victim while he/she is in a specific emotional state. Therefore, every time the TI sees or hears that specific word, image etc., negative emotions are triggered and the memory of being tortured evoked. This is the worse kind of torture ever invented!

An example would be a woman who is continuously raped and tortured, and then, while raping and torturing her, the criminals will show her (could be everything) an image of, for example, a rabbit. With repetition, raping her and showing her an image of a rabbit. The victim has now been sensitized to the rabbit. The rabbit is the NLP trigger! Now, to torture nonstop the victim, the criminals will recruit all family members, co-workers, and other people to persecute the victim with the word rabbit, images of a rabbit (posting the image of a rabbit on Facebook, or something that contain the word rabbit etc., wearing a t-shirt with the image of a rabbit etc.) etc.

Another example would be a victim of directed energy weapons that was continuously targeted at his legs and then sensitized to people with crutches and wheelchair. The image or the scene of a person with crutches has now become the NLP Trigger that evokes memories of being tortured with directed energy weapons and that triggers “negative” emotional states like fear, hopelessness, anger etc. This NLP trigger is also a mutilation and murder threat; the victim will eventually become a crippled person as a result of electronic attacks. In addition, this can be used as a reminder and threat, so, when the TI is doing something the criminal government does not like, they will send a person with crutches to remind him that if he will do that, he will be attacked again!

NLP is also a form of brainwashing, when the theme has a political content.

A NLP trigger can be set in a single event when the emotions are strong enough and the crime severe, an example would be a TI who was sabotaged, tortured to death etc. by his own mother. The gang stalkers will chose a particular severe single crime the mother perpetrated against her son, and simulate it, doing the exact same things the mother did, again, and again, and again, to remind the TI of what his mother did to him and instigate the TI to hate and murder his mother.

I think most of the family massacres and mass shootings are consequences of this criminal program. Moreover, a lot of them are programmed assassins!

The equivalent in the occult -that is the real science behind it- of NLP are thought-forms, a good series of books to understand what thought-forms are, how the mind really works etc., are the Astral body, the Mental body and the Causal body by Arthur Powell.

You can neutralize NLP triggers as well as thought-forms with indifference or by sensitizing in the opposite direction. An example would be, every time a gang stalker tries to sensitize you to a particular object, scene etc. instead of feeling angry, full of hate etc., you visualize the scene and think, he/she does not know what he/she is doing, I forgive him/her, with repetition. So, the NLP trigger triggers now high vibrations instead of low vibrations, it works for you and not against you.

“With indifference you extract the power of elementals (thought-forms) and you neutralize them. Either they get dissolved or they float in the etheric sphere where they may be picked up by others. When we advance spiritually we become conscious of our responsibility for the fall of our fellow man as a result of elementals left over by us in the etheric world.” – The Magus of Strovolos

Organized Stalking Tactic – Mirroring

This organized stalking tactic consists of reproducing events in an artificial way (PsyActs) in front of the victim that reflects personal and intimate information that no one can know, obtained with illegal surveillance. For example having conversations in front of the victim equal to those the TI had in private, dressing like the TI, behave like the TI, going out when the TI goes out etc. It is used to let the TI know that he/she is constantly under surveillance, to let the TI know that their rights are constantly violated in a very serious way and to deprive him/her of every dignity.

Organized Stalking Tactic – Psychological Operations (PsyOps)

A psychological operation (PsyOp) is a process to transmit messages to an audience (TA) to promote certain attitudes, emotions and behaviors. These messages are transmitted using a persuasion line known as theme.

Products are typically used as part of a line of communication known as a theme to convey a message to the TA. The products used to transmit PsyOp messages are limitless. The three basic categories of PsyOp products are audio, visual, and audiovisual.”

Furthermore, the Council on Foreign Relations considers psyop a NLW to be used on civilians. The Defense Science Board, another advisory committee to the DOD, announced in its Future Strategic Strike Forces task force report of February 2004, that NLW and PsyOp are to be ‘directed at the physiological or psychological functions of specific individuals or the populace’.” – New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

The Council on Foreign Relations considers psychological operations (Psyops) a non-lethal weapon to be used against the civilian population.

PsyAct is the most used organized stalking tactic, which consists in artificially performing actions in front of the victim to modify his/her behavior and emotional state. Another term used, if these psychological actions are taking place on the street, is Street Theater.

For more information about psychological operations (PsyOps) read the Psychological Operations chapter of the book: New World War book: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control – Mark Rich

Organized Stalking Tactic – Street Theaters

Street theaters are psychological acts (PsyActs) that happen, as the name itself says, on the Street. They serve to convey messages, intimidation and more towards the victim to modify his/her behavior.

Organized Stalking Tactic – GasLighting

Gaslighting or Ambient Abuse is a criminal psychological technique that is used by members of these Organized Stalking and Harassment groups. The purpose of Gas Lighting is to make a victim question his or her sanity and to psychologically abuse, by doing little things to try to make the target think that they are going crazy. Gaslighting simply is trying to convince someone that they are crazy or “imagining things”. For example if you mention Organized Stalking to someone who knows about it and they tell you your crazy or paranoid they ARE Gaslighting you. The term Gas-Lighting originates from the 1944 film Gaslight. In the movie, the character of Gregory Anton, played by actor Charles Boyer, attempts to drive the character Pauline, played by actress Ingrid Bergman, insane. The phrase Gas-Lighting has come to mean similar actions and behavior, as used in the film, against a victim.” – OSI