Organized Stalking and Mind Control - A Creeping EvilThere is an increasing amount of nefariously evil activity going on amongst the public body. It is often disguised as ordinary activity and coincidental events that involve people who have no apparent reason to purposely act in the way they do. The strangers passing in the street, the tenants in the building you live in, the people you deal with at work all day, even your friends and members of your own family, each might begin to act in ways that seem suspicious, strange, often bizarre, and which result in causing you personal frustration, anger, emotional distress, paranoia, or worse.

What I am referring to is not isolated to just a few people among the population. According to the growing number of people coming forward and telling their stories, this is a problem of epidemic proportions. People are being targeted by a highly organized but loose-knit network of individuals who are involved in something that even they do not seem to fully comprehend the significance of.

People’s lives are being tampered with or completely destroyed, and although it seems that the purpose might be for any one of a number of reasons, they all boil down to an encroaching fascist system of government where every individual in the population is to eventually be controlled completely, and where every possibility of escape is impossible.

The activities that this network of individuals engage in are quite varied, but they all result in displacing the freedoms and choices that a person would normally expect to have in our society.

The evidence shows that this network is ultimately directed and controlled by people who have tremendous power and resources at their disposal, but who purposely remain hidden, and who are able to keep these activities separated far enough from themselves and disguising them well enough to not raise public awareness about what is going on so that something might be done to stop it before it is too late. It may already be too late.

Some people who report being the targets of these activities claim that the lengths that the perpetrators will go to in these acts include continual abusive harassment, psychological and physical torture and sometimes even murder. These strange activities will not be isolated events in a target’s life, but will be ongoing, usually occurring regularly enough that there can be no mistake that they are not just coincidental, but very purposeful.

For the person being targeted, these events will usually go on for a long time, usually for many years, and the perpetrators will often increase in their methods and persistence over time.

This odd activity is commonly referred to as ‘gang- stalking’, ‘cause-stalking’, or ‘organized stalking’, and for people who have never heard of it before, it’s somewhat hard to fathom both why and how the groups who stage these events can put so much time and planning into them, and can organize them so well for such apparently irrational purposes, and that is nobody involved in it ever says anything. The fact is, most or all of those people who engage in these activities have no idea of the extent of the network they are involved in, nor the real reasons why they are doing the things they are directed to do, nor who is ultimately directing them to do them and why. They are usually led into these gang-stalking groups through manipulation and deceit, using their sense of morals (or lack of them) and beliefs to influence their cooperation. Sometimes, they might even be acting without any conscious control or awareness of being involved in anything. These latter are among an ever-growing number of unwitting victims of electronic mind-control.

It’s becoming very apparent that these groups are organized and directed by both government and corporate interests, but certainly not limited to just these. They have been known to involve church groups, boy scout/girl scout groups, senior citizens, business owners and employees, police, street gangs, drug addicts, and even homeless people.

They can involve members of any and all social sectors, but at the street level where I have personally experienced these events most commonly taking place, the involved parties seem to typically be lower-income earners, drug addicts, sex offenders, homosexuals, or criminals, although the police, local business owners, and other members of the community are among those involved as well. The main motivation that I can see for people at the lower end of the social spectrum to participate is either financial reward or privileged consideration by the law, but often they might take part just for the fun and excitement of it, or because they think they are serving a good cause. Many of these people may have become caught up in these activities against their will, and may have initially been targets themselves and had their own lives ruined before being recruited to take part. The reward, no matter how small it might be, can be used as an incentive to coerce a person’s continuing involvement in these gang-stalking activities. It’s just a matter of knowing what a person’s weakness is and taking full advantage of it. However, this isn’t always necessary.

These gang-stalking groups can develop in any situation and at any level of society where people are joined together as a group with a common cause or similar beliefs, as well as among those who are not otherwise affiliated with each other in any sort of way prior to engaging in these activities. Gang-stalking groups might be formed out of political groups, businesses and business groups, church groups, or community watch groups just as easily as they might be formed by criminal gangs or any other groups of people or individuals that can be recruited into them.

When this epidemic problem first started, those who organize and direct these activities focused on recruiting from already organized groups of people who, because of the nature of their group, could be easily influenced to engage in these activities by making the activities appear as though they were serving their cause (thus the alternate term ‘cause- stalking’). But things have since progressed to the point that now people are being recruited in any manner of ways, both individually as much as from within these otherwise well-meaning groups. They can include anybody at all, from the highest levels of society to the lowest. The same goes for those who are targeted as well, and the excuses for being targeted have become just as various.

The earliest reported cases of targeting by gang- stalking groups were government and corporate whistleblowers, many of whom have suffered the effects of what are called “directed-energy weapons” and mind-control technologies. But these cases are unique to their situation because they have been centered around the activities of those who possess these weapons and technologies (which is what they were often exposing as whistleblowers), and so the weapons and technologies have been available to use on them. These weapons and technologies are not being used on all gang-stalking targets, and they are not in the hands of just anyone, but remain predominantly within military and intelligence circles. By far, the majority of gang-stalking activities are carried out by ordinary people through ordinary means and without high- tech gadgetry beyond what is commonly available to the public. Gang-stalking groups can be organized and directed in their operations to inflict misery on people without the need to employ such advanced technologies. However, their application in this area is not out of the question, and they may be being integrated into these operations.

One of the purposes for setting up gang-stalking groups is to simply have them monitor and report on certain individuals within the community, and to see that they don’t do anything that the controllers of these groups do not want them to do. This monitoring often involves monitoring the gang- stalking group members as much as the targets, although the targets are usually of interest for other reasons as well. They are often targeted because they are vocal about government or corporate corruption, are not submissive to giving up their freedoms under the perceived threat of terrorism, or are otherwise seen as a potential threat to the controllers and the implementation of their fascist plans for our future. Any plausible excuse that will cause a certain group of people to perceive someone as a threat seems to be enough to influence the participants to recruit the group into engaging in gang-stalking activities against that person.

The activities that are undertaken do not always appear to those engaging in them to be as damaging as they actually are, because the gang- stalkers may not be aware of much more than the small parts they or their group play and will be ignorant of the activities of other gang-stalking efforts simultaneously taking place against the target. The many small efforts taken by a number of different people who are unaware of each other’s activities can quickly add up to serious problems for a target. It only takes someone who is in a position to be able to influence each of these participants or groups separately and direct them in what to do to create the sort of damage to a person’s life that these gang-stalking activities result in.

Although these gang-stalking groups are made up of people from any and all levels of society, and these people may not seem to be engaged in anything more than low-level activities for seemingly justifiable reasons, the truth is that they are being organized and directed by the highest levels of government and corporate sectors for deeper reasons than just monitoring or punishing certain individuals. Gang-stalking is a means of policing the community by having it police itself, while at the same time developing the means for manipulating members of the community to think and act in ways that suit the needs of the controllers. Therefore, all segments of society are being brought into these activities by one means or another, in order that all social sectors are covered.

One particular type of person who is very easily influenced to take part in these gang-stalking activities, and who tends to take part regularly and completely voluntarily, is the more gullible and naïve but well-meaning ‘do-gooder’ who is more or less blind to the increasing corruption that permeates the higher rungs of society. These ‘do- gooders’ are those people who don’t dare to question authority and will easily react to threats and intimidation. Typically, if they are approached by the police and asked to assist in an investigation, they feel honored and even proud to be able to be involved in something that they think is for the good. Since they dare not question authority, they don’t ask too many questions and feel that it’s okay to do whatever they’re asked to do at the request of a police officer. The police know this and will tell them whatever might be necessary to persuade them to take part in these activities. This makes the most patriotic, law abiding members of society who trust authority without question the easiest to initiate into these evil activities. This is worrisome, because these are the people who most value their freedoms, and they think they are fighting for them by engaging in these activities when really they are helping to destroy them.

There are also certain groups that have been very easy to recruit specifically because they trust those who recruit them and believe that what they are being told about a target is true. These were the first people to be approached and brought into this network of community spies. These include neighborhood watch groups and church groups, which are usually approached by the police and asked to assist in monitoring certain people who are portrayed as a potential threat to the community.

The police have established a close relationship with these groups, and use them regularly for gang stalking operations.

Gang-stalking events entail a number of different harassment techniques that are fairly common among these groups, but other more innovative techniques are not out of the question. Community based organized gang stalking will revolve mostly around the neighborhood where a target lives and/or their workplace, but can extend to anywhere at all that the target might go in public. Most gang-stalking events are preplanned and many of them are carried out in a manner that requires an extensive number of well-placed participants coordinating their actions in a manner that creates a negative situation for the target but which seem to anyone else like purely coincidental everyday events. These staged events, when they occur in public, are in some cases referred to as “street theatre” because they occur in public at the street level, but other staged events can center around the target’s home or place of employment. The number of involved parties, the scope of their coordinated efforts, the type of staged events, and the length of time that these events continue reveals a deeply-rooted and very sophisticated enterprise that can only be orchestrated by people with certain means that ordinary citizens just don’t have. This indicates the higher sector of society that those who orchestrate these events come from.

Although I focus mainly on the police when I talk about the handlers or controllers of these gang- stalking groups, they are not the only people that are involved in recruiting or managing the members of these groups, and they are not always consciously aware of what they are actually involved in any more than anyone else might be that takes part in these activities. These gang- stalking groups and their activities are directed and handled through a chain of command, and the police are often just following orders and normal police procedures that they have been trained to do. However, there are many within the police forces (and elsewhere) who are corrupt and whose ideologies are completely in line with those who ultimately control and direct the activities of these gang-stalking groups. Following orders without question and engaging in underhanded covert tactics to ‘fight crime’ are standard requisites to being a police officer. Those who sit at the top of the chain of command-and-control know exactly which people working under them are best suited for what might need to be done to facilitate these groups and their activities for the desired ends, and so they will see that those best suited are used where they are needed when they are needed and to the degree that they are needed. This needs to be kept in mind when you consider how these gang-stalking efforts can be accomplished without exposure of what is going on. It should also be understood that compartmentalization of knowledge is routine procedure within all sectors of the government, which is a very effective method of keeping secrets secret. This same method is also used in the business sector, in particular with those corporate entities that tend to work very closely with the government or who handle sensitive information.

The sorts of activities that might be used against a target include slashed tires, broken windows, break-ins, tampering with property, poisoning pets, random assaults, thefts, spreading of false rumors, persistent noises and disturbances, bugging of residence, excessive police harassment, unexplained loss of employment, over-charging on phone and electrical bills, delayed or missing mail, blatant tailing, excessive staring by strangers, excessive rudeness by strangers, odd comments by strangers regarding things they should not know… the list goes on, and the activities can be much worse and much stranger. For example, it is very common for a target’s home to be broken into regularly, where only minor signs are left behind that a break-in occurred, but which are significant enough to be noticed yet not significant enough to warrant calling the police. Nothing will usually be taken, but the target may find things moved around, or they might detect the smell of cigarette smoke, or lights that were turned off will have been turned on. As you can imagine, these sorts of things, if they happen with enough frequency, can lead from confusion to a state of anxiety to full- blown paranoia very quickly. A person who experiences such activity can be made to appear delusional very easily.

Notification lists were initially used by the police to keep tabs on dangerous offenders such as pedophiles and violent criminals, and to warn people in the community about their presence. In the United Kingdom this list is called the Violent Persons Registry. These lists have since been expanded in scope so that now someone can be put on one even if they are perceived as being potentially dangerous, and it is no longer just the police who can put someone on the list. This expansion of these lists centers around certain health and safety laws, which require employers and employees to report people for showing signs of threatening or violent behavior, or whatever might be deemed inappropriate behavior. A threatening look, raised voice, or politically incorrect comment can be enough to get a person listed. There is little or no oversight provided to assure that those who go on these lists and the situation that got them put on it have been properly assessed, which leaves plenty of room for corruption and abuse of the lists. A person who is placed on one of these lists is usually never informed of the fact, and therefore has no chance of defense. When a person goes on a list, anyone in that person’s community who might come into contact with the person is notified. This can include family and friends, neighbors, co-workers, schools, local businesses, etc. These notifications will follow a person wherever they go, should they decide to move or travel. Even if/when a person is removed from the list, those who have received notifications about them will continue to perceive them as a threat. These lists are used by gang-stalkers as target lists. The lists provide a sense of justification for their activities, and with a little bit of direction, they can cause devastation to a targeted person’s life. When someone gets listed as emotionally unstable or mentally ill, it essentially gives others free reign to torment the person, and any reaction from the person is seen to justify the label that has been put on them. These lists turn the entire community against the person, and yet nothing is ever said openly. In some cases, this silence is due to non-disclosure agreements having been signed by those receiving the notifications. These non- disclosure agreements are supposed to safeguard sensitive information, but the question is, protect it from what? The only thing that they assure is that the targeted person never knows that they are on the list and this is why people are treating them differently. Non-disclosure agreements are not always necessary to assure people’s silence, however, and merely reminding someone that disclosure can result in criminal charges being laid is enough to keep most people silent, even if they want to speak up. Notification lists have become a means for turning communities into spy networks. Whether those in the community who receive these notifications belong to gang-stalking groups or not, they essentially become the eyes and ears and communications links in a network of surveillance and control. And since the police and government manage the distribution of these lists, those who are given notifications are essentially being given permission to do what they want to the person.

People can get listed for being ‘troublemakers’, ‘deviants’, ‘disloyal dissidents’, ‘mentally unstable’, etc., and these labels can be applied broadly enough to distort the facts so that the character of a person is destroyed. Certain organizations have also been erected for the purpose of recruiting people into community spying networks and to direct their activities. One such organization, called InfraGard, has been set up by the FBI with chapters in every state as well as in other countries. It is set up as a government- funded private corporation, so that the information it has on an individual is not publicly available through the Freedom of Information Act. It needs to be remembered that the FBI were responsible for COINTELPRO in the 1960s and 1970s, which was a similar program that had destructive results for many innocent people who were unfairly targeted as ‘subversives’. COINTELPRO went beyond just blacklisting, and involved harassment, sabotage, mail tampering, break-ins, wire-taps, and blackmail, which are all activities being carried on today by gang-stalking groups against their targets. These organizations are very high-tech, capable of providing logistics and training to members, and essentially giving them carte-blanc license to target listed people at the behest of the government.

These government sanctioned organizations even provide GPS tracking systems for their members to locate their targets. The target will be surreptitiously planted with a tracking device, either on their person or their vehicle, and can thereafter be pinpointed. It is quite possible that these organizations also provide electronic surveillance equipment to their members.

Many staged events might involve only a few people, but may include added levels of sophistication, such as the use of electronic gadgetry for spying on, harassing, and even torturing a target. With the boom in technological innovations that have been made in the last few decades, and the diversity of methods of behavior modification and mind-control that have been and are being explored by certain factions both within and outside of government (particularly the military and intelligence communities), including the development of directed-energy weapons (but not limited to them), the thought that such innovations are being widely tested and used on an unsuspecting public is not at all farfetched.

Documents that have been made available through the Freedom of Information Act reveal the reality and extent of these technologies, as well as the fact that they are routinely tested on unsuspecting people.

Gang Stalking and Mind Control: The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks – A. K. Forwood